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Captive Insurance Programs

As our clients face higher insurance rates, lack of capacity, and more stringent carrier terms and conditions, many of them are exploring alternative strategies to finance their risk. One of the most popular is through a captive insurance company.

A captive can be a powerful tool for your organization to take complete control of risk, while gaining greater financial flexibility and protection. For example, any surpluses generated potentially can be used to fund vital investments across your operations.  This is not only a great potential cost savings, but an opportunity to reinvest funds back into your day-to-day business, while experiencing a safer workplace.

We can help your organization create a captive program that aligns with your strategic and financial goals. We partner with Captive programs that provide industry-leading analytics, and we are prepared to assess your needs, make recommendations, and quantify the advantages that captive insurance can offer your organization — today and in the future.

Contact our specialists to manage risk on your own terms and maximize your captive’s performance.

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